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Hoshin Kanri

In my last post on LinkedIn ( I shared information about Hoshin Kanri. Here you can find that post and more below, which will give you an insight about it … Continue reading

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Thank you!

10 years ago, I started my blog with the only aim of sharing my thoughts and experiences for the ones who are applying any approach of continuous improvement with my … Continue reading

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5S+ Güvenlik(6S) Kısa Tanıtım Videolarım (My videos on 5S+Safety)

Avrupa Birliği Destekli Mesleki ve Teknik Eğitimin Kalitesinin Arttırılması Hibe Programı kapsamında “Usta İşi Nesiller ” Projesinde (2016) gönüllü görev alarak 5S’i özet olarak anlattığım videolarımın, uygulayıcılara, sürekli iyileştirme yolculuğuna … Continue reading

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Lean Tools for Lead Time and Delivery Fulfillment

In this post I tried to summarize the lean tools for Lead Time improvement and Delivery Fulfillment (OTIF/Fill rate…). However it does not mean they only improve(or analyze) these KPIs. … Continue reading

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KAIZEN- Origins, Steps, Sustainability

Kaizen In today’s competitive circumstances, businesses that are continuously improving, open to development/change and controlling their costs, not only can meet customer expectations, but also can serve planet, society and … Continue reading

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Lean Leadership Characteristics

As I mentioned in my previous post, the ultimate goal of all improvement systems is increasing profit through satisfying customers, cost reduction (manufacturing costs, sales costs, administrative costs, capital costs, … Continue reading

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Which Lean Tools Help to Build Quality Assurance?

The ultimate goal of all improvement systems are increasing profit through satisfying customers, cost reduction (manufacturing costs, sales costs, administrative costs, capital costs, etc), improvement of productivity, quantity control, quality … Continue reading

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Maintenance Management System

Maintenance Management System can be categorized under 6 headlines. •Planned maintenance is roughly responsible from yearly PM content & frequency optimization. •Under data management, team sets targets, analyzes top 3 … Continue reading

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What Does Digital Transformation Cover?

Digital transformation is fundamentally changing your culture and improving internal processes, by making them more efficient and delivering value to customers through the integration of digital technology into all areas of your business. … Continue reading

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Kişisel Gelişim Notları

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Kişisel Gelişim Notları

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Tarihe Yön Vermiş Kişilerden İlham Veren Sözler

Tarihe yön veren, yaşama gözlerini yumduktan sonra da arkalarında bıraktıkları eserler nedeniyle minnetle ve saygıyla anılan insanların düşünceleri, hayata ve yaşama bakış açıları söyledikleri sözlerde saklıdır. Bu yazımda, Atatürk’ten Einstein’a, … Continue reading

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Key Success Factors For Scorecard Implementation

Business in the modern economy are facing questions such as how to maintain cost effective operations, how to protect market share, how to measure and track whether  the actions taken … Continue reading

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How does Keikaku Hozen team support and train Jishu Hozen teams?

Keikaku Hozen (KK-H=Planned Maintenance) teams have to support Jishu Hozen( J-H=Autonomous Maintenance) teams according to their J-H step level.  Here you can find the support given by KK-H teams to … Continue reading

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Main Components, Issues and Considerations for Maintenance Budgeting

Every organization has limited amount of resources to accomplish its objectives. Cash is one of the crucial resources of an organization. Budgeting is a useful tool to plan, control and evaluate an … Continue reading

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TPM Training Room, Very Good Application from Vestel, Turkey

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Employee Engagement

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Overcoming Resistance to Change – Isn’t It Obvious?(Youtube)

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Four principles of Lean

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Myths about PDCA

Originally posted on lean voodoo:
PDCA is a simple and powerful way of thinking. There is, however, some misunderstanding about its use. Yesterday I participated in a training session with…

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Excuses For Not Motivating And Its Consequences

Companies and managers want to get the best effort from their employees but do little to promote motivation since they are not au fait with its benefits. To get the … Continue reading

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Work Accident Is Not Fate, It Is Man-Made!

It is imperative that we keep safety issues ahead of everything we do and be committed to maintain zero injuries and accidents at all of our operations. It is not … Continue reading

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Observing The Wastes Through Chalk Circle and Gemba Walks

In the pursuit of high quality, low cost and great value products for the customers, systems need to be more effective and efficient. In order to reach that target, everyone … Continue reading

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Minimizing the Costs Via Early Equipment and Life Cycle Cost Analysis

The most common complaint in every factory I visit, is that purchasing departments do not buy the machines, equipment etc according to specifications, but according to price tags.  Since every … Continue reading

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Do You Sharpen Your Saw?

The saying of “sharpening the saw” is a metaphor for the energy and time we devote to  self improvement and further development. This is valid for both work environment as … Continue reading

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Formula for a Successful Change

What happens if you miss a factor from the equation?

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Build a Successful Two-Way Communication In 15 Steps

Lean is not just a toolbox, this is beyond any doubt. Companies that only implement the tools are stuck at some point and then fail to sustain the results in … Continue reading

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Pessimist, Optimist or a Lean Thinker?

What would you think if you saw such a detergent at the market? Is the bottle too big for the ingredient? Is the ingredient less? Is the engineering design wrong … Continue reading

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World Class Maintenance Ratios

If you want to check your maintenance system’s performance/success level, check these 2 ratios: If your Maintenance Cost / Total Sales ratio is between 6 – 8% and Maintenance Cost … Continue reading

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TPM – Planned Maintenance Metrics

TPM (total productive maintenance/management) is a Japanese methodology that improves machine availability, performance, quality and safety by proactively identifying, reducing and preventing losses with the involvement of all related departments/sections. … Continue reading

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