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Whose job is lean–>IE?


In order to meet the customers’ product variation, quality, rapid response and low cost needs; every department needs to take part in lean deployment.

It cannot be narrowed/restricted only to industrial engineering!

Lean is a holistic approach, where all parties even sales needs to be a team member. For instance, to meet the demands of sales, sales needs to acquire detailed and down to earth forecast(taking into account not only theoretical but also practical factors)! They can use moving avg, exponential smoothing, time series, regression, multivariate and Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment techniques, otherwise you will undoubtly face bullwhip effect, wrong investments and wasted sources!

R&D needs to use design for assembly/manufacturing techniques for producable designs! 

Logistics need to deploy time based logistics strategy!

Purchasing must consider total cost of ownership not only purchase price!

HR must align education, performance, reward and recognition systems!

Processes need to be clear and guidelines must be prepared!

And at the very beginning management must align strategies, roles&responsibilities, values and cultural aspects. They need to create a 2 way communication environment be transparent and sincere(and lot more which I mentioned in previous posts)

If all of these back up the most popular techniques used by industrial engineering, quality, maufacturing and maintenance departments(VSM, SMED, TPM, 5S, 6 Sigma..)companies will be able to harvest best and sustainable solutions!

Before I end up my post, I would like to ask a question:

Does lean needs a coordinator for implementation and follow up? What do you think?

Eda Yılmaz


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